Tom Bryan

Tom is a freelance film director based in London. His portfolio includes corporate film, drama and documentary.

Tom has produced films for Burberry, Marriott International, Belmond Hotels, Starwood Hotels and Resort, Philips, Lloyds Banking Group, HTC, Microsoft, Compeed and IMI.

He is currently writing his own drama productions, including a screenplay for a feature film.


Whilst studying Physics at The University of Manchester, Tom bought a video camera to document university life. With hours of footage recorded, he soon taught himself how to edit and before long he had produced a collection of fun and exciting films.

As Station Manager of the university radio station, Tom set up a TV channel, Fuse TV. The channel produced music videos and news reports and is still running today, providing students with a creative platform to develop skills in film production.

In 2011, Tom entered a film he produced into a national competition which won him a free place on Met Film School's Directing course. His course tutor was a former actress, whose teaching gave Tom an invaluable insight to working with actors.

Tom began his professional career working for Casual Films in London. Since then he's built up a freelance career working across a variety of corporate projects, which has seen him travel the world, shooting films in the USA, Africa and across Europe





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